Cloth Diaper Wipes - Assortment of 12 - One Dozen, Assorted - Variety - Set of 12 Baby Wash Cloths - Family Cloth

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Product Description

Do you like surprises? This listing is for One Dozen (12) assorted cloth baby diaper wipes (small washcloths), made from a variety of diaper-making fabrics. The perfect complement to your cloth diapers. Wash these along with your cloth diaper laundry. They can also double as diaper boosters, if you need more absorbency in your baby's diapers. Simply fold two or three wipes in half and tuck them under the diaper's insert.

These also make excellent Family Cloth wipes, handkerchiefs for wiping noses, or keep a basket by the sink for washing faces and/or removing makeup. Folded in thirds, they work perfectly as Mama Cloth boosters! There are so many uses for these versatile wipes. I keep a few in my purse at all times.

Two layer construction (cotton knit/knit terry, flannel/velour, velour/knit terry, knit/velour, flannel/sherpa, or knit/sherpa, for examples). You will receive a surprise assortment of different prints. The pictures are just a representation, they are not pictures of the exact wipes you will receive. Choose your assortment to be Gender Neutral, Boyish, Girly, or a Mix of all.

Each wipe measures approximately 6" x 6" (15cm x 15cm), so they are smaller than traditional washcloths but a very nice size to cover your hand. And the 2-layer construction ensures they are thick enough to protect your skin during the wiping!

Cloth Diaper Wipes - Assortment of 12 - One Dozen, Assorted - Variety - Set of

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